Essentials & Beauty from door to door

Be beautiful, be safe.

Beauty is an essential part of our lifestyle and no matter what the climate people want to feel beautiful from the inside out, that will never change.  The way we do beauty is changing.  Sanitation has been and will continue to be upgraded in our daily routines.

Online beauty sales, sales in general, have been on the upswing since it’s beginning and continues to grow at a rapid and steady rate.  There is no downswing insight due to our elevated concerns about sanitation and our personal health.  Essential items are what we need and beauty is what we want.  Until now we were perfectly comfortable shopping publicly.  Now many of us are looking for that same comfort within the confines of our home.

Here you can have fun shopping safely in a more contained environment for all your essentials, beauty items and a lot more. No judgment, no crowds, and from you to you.  ordered from inside your door and delivered safely to your door.  Walk around the online store and have fun doing it.

Darcelle, also known as Saibah. “Saibah Says “ is a North Jersey native presently living in North Carolina. As a young girl Darcelle was shuttled around by her mom demonstrating and selling Mary Kay. Darcelle loves beauty and fashion. She presently functions as a beauty advisor with She also owns and operates Hair Looks in Fayetteville NC while honing in on her writing skills. Darcelle is a licensed cosmetologist and is customer service savvy. Serving fashion, food, fun and mostly serving people. Serving is a passion. Saibah says, serve or be served. Wig or wig out. It’s not just what’s on top of your head, it’s what’s in it. “Saibah says” it's all in the experience. Everyone is relevant. People are everywhere and always involved. Beauty, fashion, food, and fun are all made or broken by the customer experience. Praising, appraising and recommending. Let's do it. Shame on you who are guilty of customer service felonies. I’m here to hear, chat, share and wig out with you. Serving is all about treating people well in all areas of life. The mission here is to congratulate those who are on it and wig out on those who are not.
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