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Authentic Plant Based Skin Care

Tropical drinks soothe and moisturize from the inside out. They feel so good going down, lip-smacking follows the swallow, and then a quiet humm. Imagine skin experiencing those same feelings, without the lip-smacking of course.


Rhian’s natural plant-based skincare products are appealing to the eye and nourishing to the skin. She is serving tropical drinks,  doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies, and other sweets in chemical-free skincare products. “The hunt was futile to find the perfect skincare line that would moisturize without leaving the skin oily and blemish-free without the use of harsh chemicals.”

Visit Rhian’s kiosk the Christmas shopping season and experience the sweet sensation of these natural plant-based products. You will be hooked on site and if you ask a few questions, you will take a bite, I did. I gave her a problem and she offered a solution. Planning on doing all your shopping online? This entrepreneur is ready. Natural plant based skincare products can be difficult to find. This is a skin find you don’t want to miss. Thirst quenchers and rewards for your skin.

Any skin type benefits from the nourishment authentic plant-based products provide and troubled skin is improved, soothed, moisturized, and nourished. These products were inspired by the discomfort and symptoms of eczema. Rhian’s plant-based products help alleviate the discomfort of chemically based products.



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October 19, 2020

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