Under eye circles have a bright future

Dark Circles under your eyes?

Transformed eyes. This eye cream transformed and brightened my raccoon eyes. Days of wishing I could restore the light under my eyes has come. It helped my smile too. I am amazed by the added value of a smoother eye area. The skin under my eyes has a refreshed and youthful glow. I thought it was worth exposing the before to show the gleaming benefits of the after. The recommended use is twice a day on cleansed skin. I admit I only used it in the morning, and I am more than excited about my new eyes. Imagine the result when using the twice a day regime. I recommend this eye cream for all and especially those who think there is no help. It is worth saying; I used this product along with Restorsea Reviving Cleanser. https://beautytap.com/members/saibah/?follow_advisor=yes


Authentic Plant Based Skin Care

Tropical drinks soothe and moisturize from the inside out. They feel so good going down, lip-smacking follows the swallow, and then a quiet humm. Imagine skin experiencing those same feelings, without the lip-smacking of course.


Rhian’s natural plant-based skincare products are appealing to the eye and nourishing to the skin. She is serving tropical drinks,  doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies, and other sweets in chemical-free skincare products. “The hunt was futile to find the perfect skincare line that would moisturize without leaving the skin oily and blemish-free without the use of harsh chemicals.” https://www.rhianstreat.com/about-us

Visit Rhian’s kiosk  https://www.crosscreekmall.com/through the Christmas shopping season and experience the sweet sensation of these natural plant-based products. You will be hooked on site and if you ask a few questions, you will take a bite, I did. I gave her a problem and she offered a solution. Planning on doing all your shopping online? This entrepreneur is ready. Natural plant based skincare products can be difficult to find. This is a skin find you don’t want to miss. Thirst quenchers and rewards for your skin.

Any skin type benefits from the nourishment authentic plant-based products provide and troubled skin is improved, soothed, moisturized, and nourished. These products were inspired by the discomfort and symptoms of eczema. Rhian’s plant-based products help alleviate the discomfort of chemically based products.



How to get glowing skin

Glowing skin is something achievable and it is never too late to get it. You do not have to start as a baby, and you do not need glowing skin genes to have it. A regimen made for your specific skin type is the start of having great skin. Routines are set in 30 days. In 30 days you can change, stop, or begin any habit. Starting tomorrow you can have glowing skin. Basic skin care includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and treatments for specific needs. Identifying skin type is the most important step to avoid creating a skin issue.

    • Oily
    • Dry
    • Combination

Identify specific concerns

    • Acne
    • Blackheads/whiteheads
    • Sensitivities
    • Lines
    • Dark spots

Choose products specific to your skin type and commit to glowing skin. Sample products and stick to what works for your skin type.









Black Barbie




The 61 year old American beauty, Barbie, was originally marketed as a racy gag gift to adult men in tobacco shops. https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/barbie-makes-her-debuts.

Does Barbie, in her original look still represent the all American beauty?  Both of these iconic dolls were ultimately seen and developed out of the need to create an image for a little girl to aspire to be or at least look like that image. The first grew out of boredom with paper dolls, and the other, a need to show beauty in color or diversity, so that every little girl could see the Barbie in herself.

I Recently commented on a post, made by an “iconic” reality show housewife, where she posted a picture of her cast members, represented by all White Barbie dolls.  Now I won’t  mention where this post was because it was removed, and my account, was suspended. It has since been reactivated.

I’m bothered and confused by this suspension. With all of the name calling and #wigging out on social media platforms it strikes me as curious that this would be so offensive.  I’m sure her defense would be that she wasn’t thinking about color or that she doesn’t see color, and of course she’d say there was no malice intended, and that may be. Either excuse would be inadequate and just an excuse. We know the truth is that if you don’t see color then you have to be blind.

Here we are another, Exactly, 40 years later and right in the middle of, perfect timing, #BLM REVOLUTION.  (Gil Scott Heron said “the revolution will not be televised”) and televised it is..  https://g.co/kgs/2t6TtK

Now I have to say that #BLM had nothing to do with my initial thought about this post.  It’s what I saw, or didn’t see.  However, this whole process says, #BLM is saying, yes! You have to see.  Violating the hateful and mean conduct rule by posing a question and suggesting that it promotes violence is really a stretch.  With that being said, what’s the implication of the post? Here is my response

If you think enough of your friend group to post a picture were you are all represented by Barbie dolls and black dolls are available, why would they all be white or light enough to be questioned as Black when one of your friends is very dark and very beautiful.  There was no mistake, they all had their names attached. Is that what she sees when she sees her dark and lovely friend or is that what she pretends she sees?

The first official “African American Barbie” was introduced in 1980. It took 40 years for Barbie to become multi-cultural so that Black and Latino girls could see themselves in Barbie and exactly 40 years later, some still see that American Beauty icon as White.  Is this observation mean? Barbies beauty is seen in all girls now.https://time.com/5684822/mattel-gender-neutral-doll/

I would love to hear your comment on this