Natural Hair


Natural hair is not necessarily healthy hair.  Women have gone natural for many reasons, and a lot of them, the wrong reasons. Yes, sensitivities to the hydroxides or lye do occur, just not as often as they are being accused. The most common lye spread is “relaxer took my hair out.” In most cases that isn’t true. Relaxer just sits in its container, the technician was responsible for the fall out, not the relaxer. Hairdressers have become hairstylists, better at styling your wig than taking care of your hair. Hair khair(care) is important. Natural hair has its own challenges as does every texture of hair natural or chemically treated. Healthy hair is sexy hair. For a preview of natural styles click on the link.!AuTe2rCsUrAMgYEnXqjmD-DbVhFzYA?e=J00fVE


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