Its not just whats on top


It’s not about the writer it’s about what’s under the wig. Wigs are flying all over the place, they are not permanently attached at any time. This virtual wig store is a fit for everyone., there’s no need to try them on, you’re already wearing it.  What really counts is what’s brewing underneath it. Wig out!  Rip it off! Express yourself as beautifully as your wig is styled.  What are some of the things that have you wigged out? What’s got your wig flying.  The server in your favorite restaurant? The salesperson your giving your money to?  Your know it all friend or relative?  The bad ending on your favorite tv show?  It could be anything.  Does your grandparent or parent have that witty piece of wisdom that cracks your side and your thoughts.  .  soh (shaking our heads).  Lets do this contributors choice.

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